I don't know if you know what a "blutterance" is, but turns out, I've been saying them my whole life. So many times, I didn't even notice it. But yes, if I'm out at, for example, a very popular area grocery store that maybe has it's main office in Arkansas... every time I leave an aisle and almost hit someone with my cart (which happens 98% of the dang time, even if I do the "peek out" move to see if someone's coming), I don't say "excuse me" first. No, I say this:

"Ope! Sorry!" 

Ope. What is ope (other than the nickname for Opie on the Andy Griffith Show)?  It's nothing! It's just a sound! There's no meaning behind it. I didn't even notice it myself until someone pointed it out to me. They asked me if it was a Sedalia thing, and.........I don't know. I've heard other people say it. Maybe it's a midwestern thing? Maybe it IS a Sedalia thing, and it was so ingrained into my collective unconscious that I didn't even register it.

What's our deal? I guess it's just another form of "oops" but...

Listen to yourself today and see if you say it, too.

Opely yours,

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