It happens every year. We all know it's coming.

The kids go out there selling whatever they can for various reasons.  This year Delaney is in cheerleading, and they were selling Yankee Candles to raise money for... something. Uniforms? Equipment? A Trip?  I don't know. It didn't matter, because I was going to buy something regardless of what it was for. She could have been raising money to start a society that worships turtles and I still would have signed the check. Isn't that always the way? Your kid comes home with one of those booklets, or a box of candy or something, and you just have to choose what you're going to buy. Choosing not to buy something is pretty much not an option. You see that face, and you just do it.

I did a lot of it myself, over the years. I remember asking my Mom to bring the form and the catalog out to Payless Cashways and ask her friends to buy something or other. I went door to door to try to ask people to buy something. I asked poor Mr. Diefenbach TWICE, he shot me down pretty firmly. I carried around suckers, candy bars, all sorts of stuff for Art Club, Orchestra, Science Club, Drama Club, whatever it was. I remember a sense of relief when I finally sold out of something - but there was almost always something else to get ready to raise money for.

Girl Scout cookies, popcorn, candles, magazines, cookie dough, whatever it is, we're buying it. What did your kid sell this year? How much did you buy? Do you take the sheet to work and leave it in the breakroom in hopes someone signs up?

At least my office smells like peonies. I might be out fifty bucks, but it's worth it.

Yankily yours,

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