Today is the first day of school for the students up at UCM in the 'Burg. If they're all set, great.  But if you find them asking you for additional stuff this first month, you might get to plonking out some serious cash.

If your kid's heading off to college this month, there are probably a lot of things you have to buy for them.  But here are seven things you might NOT want to buy, because they're probably just a waste of money.

1.  A printer.  Obviously it's not BAD to have one.  But most homework can be emailed now.  And if they NEED to print something, they can always do it at the computer lab.

2.  A tablet.  The cheap ones can't do everything a laptop can.  And the ones that CAN do everything are still really expensive.  So a computer is good enough.

3.  A big-screen TV.  Teenagers watch most stuff on their computers now anyway.  So having a TV is nice, but they don't NEED one.

4.  New clothes.  Especially if they're a freshman.  Let's face it . . . they'll probably gain weight this year.  So buy them a FEW things, just not a whole new wardrobe.

5.  A mini fridge.  They won't be cooking anyway, so it'll just be for Hot Pockets and beer.  Again, it's something that's NICE to have, but probably not necessary.

6.  An external hard drive.  Unless they're editing videos or something, they probably won't need it.  If they need to back stuff up, they can get free storage online.

7.  An iron, and an ironing board.  99% of college kids NEVER iron their clothes.  If they do, it's a fire hazard anyway.

Heck, I can't even remember the last time I ironed something.  Wait, was it really 1998?  Surely not that long.  Anyway, parents, you're welcome.  Save that money!

Educatingly yours,


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