The Missouri Valley Community Action Agency is signing up kids today for their Head Start Program. Head Start is a program for kids ages three to five to give them some extra skills to help them in school. They offer special services for children with disabilities, assistance in maintaining medical and dental health and educational activities that promote individual learning for children.

They have breakfast, lunch and snacks for different classes, transportation to and from classes for kids in the city limits and qualified teachers and teachers assistants. Parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer and monthly family visits enhance the center/home connection while encouraging child and family development. The best part is that it's at no cost to the families.

I talked with Suzanne Taylor of the MVCAA about the program, and how to get your children signed up.

So give them a call  at 826-9931 or 826-0651, check out their website, or go by the Sedalia office at 505 South Kentucky St. to get more information or to get signed up.  For folks out of town, they do have several offices in other counties, so go ahead and look up the one in your area.  All you need is proof on income for the last 12 months or your tax return, proof of your child's birth date and social security numbers for the whole family. Give your kids the head start they deserve!

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