Husbando and I have been married for a minute now.  And I know that our relationship is comfortable, but I don't know if we're THIS comfortable. 

I saw a list online of some things that couples do that are... pretty gross. But some of them make sense, I guess.  Someone posted a list of gross things every couple has secretly done.  So if you've never done these six things, apparently you're in the minority . . .


1.  Checking the other person's nose for boogers.  Like if you're out in public, and one of you has cold.  You'd rather have THEM see it than someone else.  And the same applies for any food that's stuck in your teeth.

2.  Having a full-on conversation in the bathroom while one of you is using the toilet.  It's especially gross if they're not just peeing.

3.  Checking to see if the other person stinks before they go out.  Like they ask you to smell their feet or their armpits to see if they need to shower or change clothes.

4.  Searching each other's bodies for pimples and ingrown hairs.  Some people also enjoy POPPING them for some reason.

5.  Being competitive about how bad your gas is.  Especially once you've been together for a while or you get married.

6.  Sharing a toothbrush when you go somewhere together, and one of you forgets to bring one.  Unless you're totally grossed out by it, you've probably done it at least once.


What kind of weird things do you do in your relationship?

Grossly yours,


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