Everybody knows we all have little things we do that we shouldn't. But you know, we don't have to always dwell on the negative. I'm sure you've picked up some little habits here and there to improve your life, too.It might be something as simple as reading food labels or keeping your receipts, or it can be something bigger like recycling your aluminum cans.  And sure, those are great. Sure, you're doing something positive there. I'm a creature of habit.  Every day at work I do the same things in different ways, and it keeps me on track and able to get everything done at the right time.  I come in at the same time, I download this file at this time, I schedule this post at this time, etc etc.  I'm the same way at home.  I get home, I change or shower, get dinner ready by 5/5:30, you know how it goes.

But you know you've got those little bad habits that you should let go.  For me, I'm always messing with my fingernails.  I paint my  nails so that I fidget with them less, but at any given time during the week you're bound to find chipped polish or broken nails because I pick at them.  I know I shouldn't do it, and I know it's not getting anything done but it's just something I can't stop doing!  I don't know if it's a terrible habit, but it's a habit I should stop, like the habit of taking off my socks in my sleep and leaving them in the sheets.

So if you would, tell me all about your little bad habits that you know you should stop - but can't.  I'll share your answers on the air and we'll get a little free therapy in.

Fidgetingly yours,

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