If you're searching for jobs, have the common sense to make your Facebook page private.  Or maybe just delete it entirely.  Because if you don't, you're just BEGGING for trouble.  A new survey found the six things that a company could find on your Facebook page that would make them IMMEDIATELY stop considering you for a job.


1.  Risqué photos . . . 71% say this would instantly get you cut.  I never really understood why people would put those kind of photos on social media.  Isn't your Auntie on your friends list?  Does Cousin Stevie really need to see that?

2.  Negative comments about work in GENERAL . . . 69% say it's a dealbreaker. So  maybe don't post about how much you hate work and wish you could win the lottery.

3.  Negative comments about your current job or a former job, 66%.

4.  Cursing, 65%. Keep it classy.

5.  Photos of you partying and drinking, 60%.

6.  Controversial political or social opinions, 30%.  Obviously it's not legal for someone to discriminate during the hiring process, but this is before you even GET there, smart guy.

Basically, social media is very powerful these days. You'd better be careful and put your best foot forward online if you're out there job searching.  If you don't, you're kind of almost asking them NOT to hire you.

Stay vigilant, online warriors!

Socially yours,

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