It's always fun conducting your own scientific studies. Just a disclaimer before we go any further-There were no fingers amputated or mangled in the cutting of these persimmon seeds.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, you can predict the upcoming winter by peeling open a persimmon and cutting into the seed to see the tell-tale signs.

This year the almanac checked in with the Persimmon Lady, Melissa Bunker a.k.a. "The Persimmon Lady" to find out her winter prediction.

According to the Farmer's Almanac and Bunker:

This year’s seeds (2019-20) revealed the following: 3 forks, 3 spoons, and 2 knives. Translation: a mild start to winter followed closely by lots of precipitation (rain and snow) and a few ice events late winter.

A reminder that this is how you are able to see what the upcoming winter will be like by cutting open a persimmon seed-

Fork shape =  winter will be mild;
Spoon shape = there will be a lot of snow;
Knife shape = winter will be bitingly cold that “cuts like a knife.”

Now this study was done in North Carolina. Here in Missouri we did our own study and it turns out that the two seeds we cut open had spoons showing. I'd say it's time to invest in a good snow shovel!


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