So I don't know about you guys, but I am a person who doesn't like to spend a lot of money on myself.If I buy clothes, most of the time, they're on sale or clearance.  If I buy an accessory that I think is nice (read: more than fifteen bucks),  it's usually on sale or lightly used.  I have a few little things like that.  A nice bag, you know, but I didn't buy it for five hundred bucks retail, because I'm just not wired like that.

Now one little thing I've always done is to do a little research about pricing and whatnot when it comes to what I DO spend on myself.  Here's an example. Ever since I got D-worded last year, I've decided that I want to get my fingernails done by a pro on a regular basis.  I don't know why this is, but my fingernails break like nobody's business.  Like, I don't even work a physically taxing job (unless you count standing for a few hours), but every week, something would break or snap or tear.  So I decided I'd let a pro do their thing, and it's kept things intact. It's worked well.  And it's not a super expensive thing to do every six weeks or so.

Well, I was going to Salon A (not naming anybody, of course).  The process was fine, cost about $45.  Well, this past week, I ended up randomly going elsewhere, Salon B.

And the difference, you guys.  The difference.  While I had seen that Salon A was cheaper, which is why I had been going to them, Salon B was ten times better.  The people were friendly (I don't fault Salon A for being all business, they are understaffed), the space was less tense, and the job they did was infinitely better.  I don't know if you ladies know what I mean, but before I always had problems with edges being rough or part of the product sticking to my fingers, or results chipping pretty quickly.  But this time with Salon B? None of that.  The process was easier, the result was better, and it was only ten bucks more.

So inadvertently, I'm choosing a more expensive option, because the value of what I'm getting is so much better.  Has there been a time where choosing the more expensive option was a better fit for you?  Think stuff you buy for yourself, or haircuts, or services around the house, etc.  Maybe you didn't buy the cheapo work boots, because you knew if you invested in the more expensive pair, they'd last longer?  Or maybe you have just learned your lesson about.... sometimes you get what you pay for? When has the more expensive option been a better choice?

Cheaply yours,

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