I love old movies.  The Thin Man series, Casablanca, Libeled Lady, you name it, I probably love it. Well, maybe not some of the bad ones.  Just the good ones.  You know what I  mean.  They make bad movies now, they made bad movies then, too.

ANYWAY. I was on the YouTubes again, because, you know, reasons.  And I found an old clip the Missouri Department of Conservation made back in 1940.  It's called "Back to Missouri" and the differences you can plainly see from then and now is... kind of astounding.

I admittedly don't know much about conservation, but dang, those early settlers definitely got dragged in this video.  But I also found myself giggling, because this looks like it was in the earlyish days of the department, where they were still trying to convince people that conservation of wildlife was a good idea.  So obviously they brought in volunteers and the public to make this video....who are clearly not actors.

It's so cute, I can't take it.  Especially the end conversation between the three dudes (about seventeen minute mark).  They are clearly trying SO HARD to act normal, act natural.  The little boy!

"Sure. Plenty of. them. Larger than. this!"

I also love the kind of old timey way they talk.

"I am beginning to understand what the Conservation Commission is really trying to do.  They have made  me understand that the farmer is actually the sportsman's friend."

NATURAL.  Nah, I'm just teasin.  I'm sure they were all working for the bigger picture, and they definitely played a part in what Conservation does today.  But it is cute. Cos you know that's just somebody's grandpa who liked to go fishing who wanted to help. But it's really fun to see the difference seventy years can make when it comes to anything in life, Conservation department included.

I might have to watch a few more of these old videos, they're kinda fun!

Old Timingly yours,

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