I've seen quite a bit of times in my life where I've been related to someone and didn't even know it. Probably because we didn't have the same last name, so it can be hard to keep everyone straight.So I decided to look up and see just who it is we're keeping up with, and I'll tell ya, it's not the Cramers or the Morelands. Here's the top ten most common names in Pettis County in 2014 VS 1880. Here's how it looked in 2014:

1Smith4351: 97
2Williams2861: 148
3Brown2601: 162
4Johnson2381: 177
5Miller2041: 207
6Moore1911: 221
7Jones1791: 236
8Young1701: 248
9Thomas1571: 269
10Jackson1541: 274

And here's how it looked in 1880:

1Smith3711: 73
2Williams2231: 121
3Brown2181: 124
4Jones1771: 153
5Taylor1341: 202
5Anderson1341: 202
7Harris1321: 205
8Miller1291: 210
9Johnson1271: 213
10Scott1241: 218

But hey, Cramer is 47 on the 2014 list! So... good?  You can look up all sorts of fun information and statistics about Missouri and Pettis County at Forebears.

Genealocially yours,

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