At least, I think it should be. First of all, this year was different for everybody when it came to the holidays. You couldn't really travel or get together in big groups or anything fun.  So here in the office, our Christmas decorations went up late.  I don't think anything got up until maybe the week before Christmas.  And then it just.... stayed up.


I don't think most of the office even notices that its there.  It's not decorated with ornaments.  It's just hanging out.  The other decorations went back into the closet in early January, but not this tree.

So I made it the New Year's Tree.  And up it stayed.  Now, it's the Valentine's Tree.  Maybe I should put a little heart on it? That might be fun, festive.  But I think if I pay too much attention to it, someone will take it down. Which is what I do not want. I want it to stay up all year to make up for our sucky 2020 holidays.  It can be my Birthday Tree. The April Fools Tree.  The Memorial Day Tree.  The Fourth of July Tree.  The Labor Day Tree.  The Answer Your Cat's Questions Day Tree.

We just can't separate him from his potted plant friends in the lobby, can we?  That would be cruel.  I say, we leave him up as is all year round in the hopes that 2021 will be at least SOMEWHAT better than 2020.  After all, there are several people in my  neighborhood who still have Christmas decorations up.  Heck, I even saw some Halloween stuff up still in town.  And we keep a mistletoe hanging in our living room all year, it's just tradition from way back when with my parents.

What do you think? Should we keep the tree up, or finally put it away?

Treeingly yours,

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