I'm sure you've heard it before.  Go around Sedalia, you'll see a church or a restaurant on just about every corner. But... turns out, it's kinda true.  I went on Whitepages.com and did a little search.

First, I did a search to see how many businesses are in Sedalia. 


54.  Not a bad number, seems about right.  How many churches?


54.  The same amount!! I didn't realize we had quite THAT many churches. I knew we had a lot, but... dang.  Fifty four?!

Now, the big one. The one we joke about all the time.  How many restaurants are in Sedalia?  ONE HUNDRED AND NINE.


Approximately double the amount of business and churches.  HOW DO WE HAVE SO MANY?! I looked through the list, and there aren't really any old listings of places that have closed. And they do count Casey's as a restaurant (I guess you can? I mean, they make food there, and I've seen people sitting and having coffee at the one by us here at the station). I gotta admit I was a little surprised by that one. Who knew? I guess... we all did, really - that's why we always made that joke.  I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't that!

Pagingly yours,


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