You guys, you know I try to get into sports all the time.  It seems like every year I try to make some kind of resolution that THIS year is going to be the year I'm gonna start caring about sports.  Part of that is because of my Mom. I'm sure some of you Sedalia people knew her pretty well.  She lived in Sedalia her whole life, and had so many friends at school and at work.   And as you can see, she massive amounts of style - check the striped pants, there.  She was Becci VanWinkle then.


She and my Dad were peas in a pod and have definitely given me and Husbando some life goals.  I didn't have the guts to wear a blue suit at my wedding, though. 


I'm sure I've talked about this before - they were the kind of people who kept mistletoe up all year round as an excuse to kiss.  Anyway.  We lost Mom some time back from cancer, but I get fond reminders of her all the time. Little things, like Bob Seger on the radio, the smell of pork tenderloins (She loved the Griff's originals), Diet Coke, scratching the neck of a furry cat, a Carmen Ghia convertible, any bright red clothing - preferably with rhinestones- and The Chicago Cubs all remind me of her and give me pleasant memories. And now that the Chicago Cubs are in the World Series, I get to remember one of the many loves in her life.

Mom was always a Cubs fan. We watched so much WGN programming, you guys. I'm not sure how or why it started, but it was something that was strong with Mom all my life. It was just part of the routine - she'd made a pitcher of sweet tea, we'd sit on the couch and play Gin Rummy (she NEVER let me win) and the Cubs would be on in the background. She loved the Cubs - she loved Harry Caray, Mark Grace, Andre Dawson, Rick Sutcliffe, Greg Maddux, Ryne Sandberg, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.  The 80's and 90's definitely had us a Cubbie House.  She had shirts, hats, a glass hanging, baseballs, even ticket stubs and souvenir napkins from Harry Caray's restaurant.  She'd watch the games whenever possible, and tape the ones she couldn't.   In fact, as a birthday present for her one year, I wrote to Harry Caray and asked him to wish her a happy birthday - and he did! Harry Caray was so funny to me, but she would NOT allow any mocking of HC in our household. She poured over his books and loved his optimism, his hope, his never give up attitude. He always had faith.

Mom loved playing softball, and watching the Cubs - but when they traded Mark Grace... oh boy.  She got mad.  When Mom got mad, you were on her LIST and it was not easy to get off that list.  She got so mad she actually started watching the Arizona Diamondbacks for a while.  But eventually, back to the Cubbies she came.   In fact, when she died, we buried her in a Cub jersey and hat. It seemed appropriate. The Cub fan is patient and forgiving, always hopeful and never discouraged.  She was all of those things and more. She was such a fan - she would have been super stoked about them getting their shot at the World Series.

I think I might have to watch it for her.

Go Cubs!


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