It's something we look forward to every year...... crashin' cars and racin!Well, this year, the Sedalia Lions club has definitely added some more stuff to the evening.  And a lot of it is for the kids! This event is done in memory of our  Lion Donnie Hunter, who a lot of us in Sedalia knew very well as a really big derby fan.

One thing that's new this year - no Tuff Trucks.  Instead, they're going a little more "stuff you probably drive"! This year the figure 8 will have minivans, SUVs, and trucks.  Plus, they're adding a Kid Zone and Kid Powerwheels derby.  You bring out your own Powerwheel and make sure your kid has a helmet, and you're golden. Every kid that enters will get a goodie bag, so that's fun. The Kid Zone is gonna be full of yard games and a bounce house, for those moments in between the set ups, or if they just get too excited to sit still in the stands.

I got to talk with one of the organizers of the event, Terri Hunter, who gave me the full rundown of everything you'll need to know:

Here's a quick reminder on the tickets:
$5 Admission for Powerwheels (age 0-10)
$5 General Admission Kids 5-12
$8 General Admission Adults
$15 Pitt Passes

$20 Rider Entry Fee (Figure 8 Only)
$25 Entry Fee (Per Class)

So again, if you have questions, you can always call Terri at 660-596-5093.  See ya out there this weekend!

Crashingly yours,

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