Last month, we had our first International Experience with our snacks from Poland.We guessed that we might be getting a box from either Spain or Mexico.  We don't know what's coming before it does, but the brochure gives you clues. And............... Spain it is! Last time there were a lot of sweets.  There were some hits, and.... well, some misses. This box looks to be a little more on the savory side. Experience it with us, won't you, dear reader? We're not in video form this time due to scheduling conflicts (and Husbando is a little hesitant to be on camera, plus nobody needs to look at my ugly mug).  But, we give you our honest take, here we go.

Shiki Shin Barbacoa/ Barbecue Potato Snack. 


Behka: I was not expecting that...white color. Or that texture. It's vaguely barbecuey. It's like if you got a package with those little styrofoam peanuts in them, and then sprinkled a little barbecue powder on them.

Jenn: This looks like pork rinds or puffed mushrooms. I am scared. Why did I say I’d do this every month? Tastes like packing material?

Husbando: Smells like barbecue. It has a good flavor, but the texture is really off putting. I can get used to these.  They're like.... pork rinds.

Ryan:  Tastes like pork rinds. No complaints.

Puntazoas Mix Coctail De Maiz/ Barbacoa Snack Mix with Corn 


Behka: I'm already impressed with just... the amount of STUFF in it. It definitely has a Corn Nuts kind of taste to it. It looks like there are little mini Fritos in here, too. Some of the little things are shaped like stars, or circles. The stars are very crunchy! Yeah, I'm definitely getting Corn Nuts vibes. It's like a fancy, less jaw breaking Corn Nut. I didn't get a huge barbecue or spicy feel.

Jenn: OMG!  This is one of my favorite snacks from Europe that is hard to get here. And...  STILL YUMMY!!

Husbando: I do love Barbacoa. Wait... ramen? That's exactly what it tastes like! It tastes exactly like ramen.

Ryan:  Great! I thought it tasted like cheddar trail mix.

La Abuela Nieves Artisan Potato Chips/Iberian Ham Potato Chips


Behka: I am intimidated, upon first look.  But... they don't taste like ham.  THIS IS A SHAM. They're just... salty.  They're less crispy kettle chips.

Jenn:  Ham. Chips. Sound. Gross. Turns out,  It twasnt bad!


Husbando: It smells like cardboard. It tastes like a plain potato chip.  Doesn't have any flavor at all.

Ryan: Not bad. A bit too much MSG, but otherwise I would snack on them again.

Montecado Doble De Limon/Lemon Shortbread Cookies


Behka:  This fell apart as soon as I touched it. It's VERY soft.  And very lemony. It's like eating a cookie that immediately dissolves in your mouth. I could get down with this.  Yeah, a nice hot cup of tea, and a little crumbly cookie powder thing? Every day.

Jenn:  It's so flaky! It smells good. Get in my mouth!  I like this. Its like edible play-dough that tastes good.

Husbando: That's... really familiar. It tastes like those lemon creme sandwich cookies. You know, those lemon cookies! That's exactly what it tastes like.

Ryan:  Not so good. It tasted a bit like a lemon cookie. Not a huge fan.

Leticias Naranja Al Chocolate/Chocolate Covered Candied Oranges.


Behka:  This is literally just a flat orange covered in dark chocolate. Color me unimpressed. I don't know what it is about Europe, but they love oranges in their chocolate. I don't get it.

Jenn: OMG CHOCOLATE.......People need to stop ruining candy with fruit. Full stop.

Husbando: Smells like dark chocolate. Eh. It's okay. I don't like the chocolate, but I am a fan of candied orange and lemon peel and stuff. It's pretty good.


Ryan: Kind of a darker chocolate flavor, but for the most part I enjoyed it.

Carmen Lupianez Tortas De Aceite/Oilve Oil Cookies


Behka:  This smells like gingerbread.  Maybe a little graham cracker smell? It's definitely not hard like a gingerbread cookie. It's sweet, but not so much that I actually might mistake this for a dessert. I get the feeling it's trying to be.  I will not be fooled.

Jenn: OOOOH A Cookie!   It is a cookie! Hooray! I liked the slight cinnamon under tones.

Husbando: *Shakes head no* *Pauses* *Contemplates* Tastes like black licorice. I like black licorice, but not in cookie form. It tastes very anise-y to me.

Ryan:  Kind of like my love life. Leaves a very bland taste in the mouth.

Lacasitos Gold/Caramel White Chocolate Candies


Behka: I'm looking forward to this one. I like caramel, I like white chocolate, I like tube packaging.  It has the candy texture of an M&M, but definitely a caramel flavor.  And, like, real caramel, like one of those chewy caramels your grandma would give you to shut up in church. This one is a winner, all day long for me.

Jenn: My initial reaction says I'm pretty sure Behka just wrote a Spanish word on Reece's Pieces. (Tries it) Its dolce de lece! I AM HAPPY!!!!!

Husbando:  It tastes like chocolate. Chocolate with Spree candy coating. I don't get any caramel at all.

Ryan: Basically butterscotch M&Ms. Gets a stamp of approval.

El Caserio Chocolate Con Pinones/Chocolate with Pine Nuts


Behka: Okay, but what is with the long names these Spanish snacks have? What is the deal. Just call it chocolate with pine nuts.  Actually.... now that makes me not want to eat it. I think I don't like pine nuts.  Oh.  No, I do not.  This is unpleasant. The chocolate is kind of like Tootsie Rolls though.

Jenn:  WHAT IS THIS It looks like a poop.  It tastes gross  and think I broke a tooth.

Husbando: I like pine nuts. It is like a nutty Tootsie Roll.  I like pine nuts, though.

Ryan: Chewy and delicious. Kind of like a Charleston Chew. Might be better frozen.

El Caserio De Tafalla Crema Pistacho/Pistachio Toffee


Behka: Just call it Pistachio Toffee!  Why does it need seven words in the name! Seriously! I like pistacho. I like cream of whatever.  Let's just do this.  We don't need to dance around the subject. They're not really "creamy" per se, it's just a hard pistachio flavored candy.

Jenn: Ooooh a pistachio caramel!   OMG GROSS GROSS GET IT OUT OF MY MOUFF

Husbando: The sucking on it makes it tastes like Pistachio.  Not in a bad way. Yeah. I mean, it tastes like caramel and pistachios.

Ryan:  I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. Almost like a chocolate Starburst. Thumbs up!

Final Thoughts: 

Behka: I liked more of these than I thought I would. I surprised myself, though. I'm a savory snacker, and I can't say I really enjoyed most of the non sweet stuff.  I did like the corn snack mix.  And I loved the caramel candies. I think I would hand my winner to the Lacasitos Gold.  Very caramely, and I dig that.

Jenn: Winner: Mantecado. I'm an adult and play with my food. Loser: Chocolate Con Pinones. My tooth hurts.

Husbando: Unlike the last box, that had ups and downs, this one was love it or hate it. My favorite was the Pistachio Caramel. Least favorite is kind of a toss up between the chocolate orange (it was too bitter) and the cookie (it's off-putting to have that flavor in a cookie).

Ryan: Overall favorite: Crema de Pistachio. Overall worst: Mantecado Double & Carmen Lupianez. Thanks! Now let's get that wall built. :)

So there you have it, that's our take on snacks from Spain. Next month, who knows what we'll get? I have a strong suspicion it's Vietnam. We'll have to wait and see!

Snackily yours,

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