We used to order a monthly box of snacks from a company that compiled them from all over the world.  Now, I just get stuff occasionally - just as rewarding.

Back in the day we tried a little something called a Stroopwafel.  It's basically a little pancake thing filled with caramel or sugar.  We tried them plain last time, but you're apparently supposed to heat them up over your coffee for the best result.  I forgot entirely about it until a mom I follow on Tik Tok did it.

So when Husbando found them again on one of his copy runs, I thought, let's do this right.  But... I'm not a huge fan of coffee.  So here's what I did instead.


And that, my friend, is a cold Wednesday afternoon snack completed.  A warm drink, a nice snack, and little pick me up.  What do you do for a little afternoon snackage?

Stroopwafflingly yours,


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