I sound like a little old lady when I say I do my best to combat stinkiness. 

But I'm sure it's something you have to do, too, right?  We all have our little ways of dealing with unpleasant smells.  In our house, we have to major sources of stink:  Husbando and the cats (not that I don't have my moments, but... Washington and Husbando can be........ pungent).

So, I keep some spray around, some wall plugs, and a few burner things. It sounds a little excessive but it's not like I turn the burner things on every day. Especially having three cats, you gotta be on top of that or it'll get out of hand quick.  You gotta change those litter boxes often, and  you gotta be ready with the wall plug.

Most of the time we choose woodsy smells.  Things like pine or cedar or "winter woods" (whatever that means) and sometimes a bit of apple.  So theoretically you could be walking through our house in the summertime and think you're also in an apple wooded place?  I don't know. It just seems classier than having your house smell like pineapple or something all the time. And I read somewhere that if you choose vanilla scents, or something too sweet like that, it makes you want to eat more.  And since we're trying Not to eat more, we stay away from those, just in case.

Of course, keeping the place clean and tidy helps a lot.  We make sure to stay on top of getting the trash out and stuff like that. But I do find that having a little smell good in the room is nice as well.

Do you have any little ways to make your place a little better smelling? What do you use?  Do you buy things, or do you use natural methods?

Smellingly yours,

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