Okay, so I'm not like, super obsessed with sloths, but... I love them.They're like, top five animals to see at the zoo, for me.  And apparently there has been a sloth named Arnie at the Kansas City Zoo for like, a whole year!

I know I live under a rock, but COME ON. How did I not know?  His full name is Arenal, which is a Costa Rican volcano, I hear.  He likes fruits, veggies and greens but his favorite foods are sweet potatoes and grapes. He's about three years old and weighs a little over 20 pounds. He came from a zoo in Canada, so you know he's super polite, too.

I just can't believe it. There's an adorable little slow sloth just waiting for me to go visit him.  I'm sorry, Arnie.  I bet you've been patiently waiting, just looking out for me, and I never showed.

I'll have to rectify this at some point, you know. We're not headed to the city for a while, but next time we go, I'm making a point to go see Arnie. What is it about sloths that just make me want to love them forever? I have no idea.  I hear they smell like popcorn.

One day, Arnie.  One day, you and I shall meet.  It will be glorious.  We'll make eye contact, and you'll know it's me.

Slothingly yours,


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