New year, new laws. Legislation is always changing, and adapting to what's relevant.  And now, there are three new laws that are on the books.

1. Charge Expungement. 

What that means is that now in Missouri, you can file to have certain misdemeanors taken off your record.  Nothing serious, of course, but if you wrote a bad check or something like that, you can probably get it gone.

2.  Adoption Rights. 

It's been law for quite a while that anybody born or adopted before 1941 could get easy access to their original birth certificate.  But now, people born or adopted after 1941 have that same right. However, if a parent doesn't want to be contacted, they can have their name taken off the birth certificate.

3.  Minimum Wage Increase. 

Missourians now have their first minimum wage increase in five years. It'll go up now from $7.70 to $7.85. Back in 2013, the minimum wage increased fifty cents to $7.70.

So, I'm sure a lot of people will be happy with some of these! What do you think about the new laws?

Legislatingly yours,


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