Another sunny cold Sunday here in West Central Missouri. And another prediction from the National Weather Service about a potential winter storm in the middle of the week. Just don't ask the forecasters what kind of storm we're going to get, cause they don't really know.

I know storms are difficult to predict. Yet this winter, every time it seems like we might get a storm rolling in. The early forecasts leave more questions than answers. That doesn't mean the meteorologists aren't smart. Or that the forecasters are always wrong divining the forecast. In my mind, it mainly means mother nature has her own plan and she can be fickle.

Here's what the National Weather Service out of Kansas City is saying about this week's storm. According to a couple of Facebook posts on Sunday, winter weather conditions are possible Wednesday night and Thursday. Potential impacts include rain transitioning to snow, gusty winds, and, some of that snow might stick.

At this point, they're not that sure about the storm track, although forecasters don't think the amount of accumulating snow will be that much here in West Central Missouri. Of course, even if we get a fine, light, granular, kind of snow. If they're right about gusty winds. It won't take much of the white stuff to make it difficult to travel.

And if that storm track shifts, which it might, that can be the difference between a few inches of snow, and cold winter rain and or icy conditions.

Of course, it's the National Weather Service's job to warn us of the potential of storms before they hit. That way we can make informed decisions and be prepared to deal with whatever weather mother nature throws at us. That, however, doesn't make forecasts filled with "maybes" any less irritating.

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