Why is Mardi Gras called Fat Tuesday? Does this have anything to do with that diet we started back on New Year's Day?

Mardi Gras is held a day before the start of Lent season. Eating excessive amount of food is prohibited during the season. Because some people value this period of time, some observe Lent practices like fasting. The primary reason why Mardi Gras is called Fat Tuesday is because at this day, many people would consume all the foods in their homes that are forbidden or not allowed during the Lent such as eggs, butter and sugar. One of the most popular foods served during Mardi Gras is pancakes.

The French people refer to this event as Shrove Tuesday since it will be the last time to hold merrymaking activities, which involved the excessive consumption of drinks and foods.  For some reason beads have become a popular item during this time of celebration. I'm not really sure the reason behind this but we'll keep you abreast of any busting developments.

So whether it's a day of pancakes, or beads and alcohol, eat and drink responsibly.

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