I know I haven't gone much of anywhere in the last few years.  It can get expensive quick, and for a good chunk of time there, it just wasn't safe or smart to travel.

But I have been some places over the years.  Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, KC and St Louis (of course), Arlington, Pigeon Forge, Knoxville, Memphis, New York, Washington D.C..  And I've been to Chicago at least eight times, over the years.  Last time I went there was 2019.

So I got curious. I decided to ask you guys on Facebook, "Where's one place you've been, that you suggest EVERYONE checks out, at least once in their lives?"

Robin B
The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, where you can learn all about the historical fight in our country for women, minority populations, and the LGBTQ community. A close second would be the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C..


Barbara M
We have been to every state, really cannot pick one. Out of the United States, Australian, New Zealand, Scotland, Canada. There is so many interesting things and people. Travel while you can.


James H
Hamburg Germany opening day of October fest...from what I remember it was fun!


Dana S
Niagara Falls
I have been very few places in my lifetime but that is one of them and it was beyond awesome

Some other suggestions were The Outer Banks (North Carolina), Florence Italy, Mount Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, Mackinac Island, Washington D.C., The Redwoods/Sequoias, Alaska's southern coast, the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha, Virgin Islands, Las Vegas, Elephant Tock State Park, The Johnson Shutins, Destin Florida, Negril Jamaica, Venice, the Garden of the Gods in Colorado, Halifax Nova Scotia, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Stover Canyon Swing, Kona Hawaii, Maui, Cape Horn, Marble Colorado, Sugartit Kentucky,.... well, it goes on and on. There were so many great suggestions! And of course, with our listeners, there had to be a funny answer or three.

Mary C
The shower


Lendell H
Jerry Springer Show!!


Jon B

Well, with everyone not travelling a whole lot in that past year, it's good we got some fun travels in earlier!  Where do you want to go when all this mess is over?

Travellingly yours,


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