This past weekend was a little strange for me. I mean, of course, I report on the different Homecoming Events every year. Smith Cotton's Homecoming is a huge deal every year.  There's always a great parade, and usually some tours and fundraisers that happen around that weekend. But this weekend, it was different for me because it was my 20 year high school reunion.

I didn't go to my 10 year reunion, because I was on vacation. It was planned out by me and funded by a friend, and we would be in New York City when the actual reunion was happening. While I knew it would have been fun to go, we had tickets to go see the Upright Citizens Brigade that night, and I just wasn't gonna cut our vacation short to come back home. I think most people wouldn't, either.

So when the 20th rolled around, Husbando asked me if I was going to go. To be honest, I don't know if I was that serious about it, but I figured, why not, right? So, down we went on Saturday night to the Fox Theater, not quite knowing what to expect.

Turns out, we had a blast! There were a lot of fun people and pictures, great food, and music that was a real blast from the past. So I guess there was nothing to be nervous about after all! I'm glad everyone was able to come out, and it was nice to hear from the ones who would be there in spirit.

Now, I have to ask myself... what about the next one?

Reunionly yours,


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