1999. What an interesting year. It was the year Y2K dominated New Year's Eve. It was a year that saw Britney Spears, The Goo Dolls, N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys start to dominate the songs on your radio. MTV's "Total Request Live" was after school must see TV.  And "The Matrix", "The Green Mile" and "American Beauty" were tops at the box office.

Yes, in 1999 MTV was still playing videos, stadium seating was the big movie theater inovation, and 9-11 hadn't happened yet.

We went from dial up AOL to broadband. YouTube would come along and force MTV to pretty much change what the network was about. And a couple of years later 9-11 would have a lasting impact on all of us.

Not all of us graduated during such an interesting year. Or at a time where life was moving fast and change was happening. It certainly provides a great back drop to reminensce about the "old days" and how life was back then. Beleive it or not, it's been 20 years since 1999... and that means it's reunion time!

The Warrensburg High School Class of 1999 is having a reunion on July 20. Cost is $20 and the reunion is being held at Fitter's, 131 W. Pine, in Warrensburg. Tickets are available here and the Facebook event page is here. Go and hang with old friends, make new friends you won't regret it.

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