Warrensburg has been named the most patriotic city in Missouri by insurify.com. The auto insurance quote website determined the the most patriotic city in every state by looking at it's database of over 1.6 million insurance applications to see which town in each state had the highest share of military service members and veterans calling that town home.

In Missouri that town is Warrensburg. That makes sense considering the town's proximity to Whiteman Airforce Base. Whiteman Airforce Base employes 7,406 people. This includes active military, reserve and civillian personell. Warrensburg finds itself right in the middle of Whiteman Airforce Base's area of economic impact. This according to the Air Force's Economic Impact Study for Fiscal Year 2018. So it makes sense that it would rank well on insurify.com's list.

Some of the cities in other states near us that join Warrensburg on the list include: Ozark, Arkansas; Junction City, Kansas; and West Des Moines, Iowa.


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