You guys, I love cute animals. I think we all do.   Even if they don't seem that cute, somebody loves 'em.  That's what a lot of my social media is, to be honest.  K-pop, babies, cooking, babies cooking, animals, the alphabet mafia, and that's pretty much it.

So when I saw this on my Facebook feed from the Kansas City zoo, I was beside myself, ya'll.


The Zoo has a NEW BABY RHINO.  It was just born on New Year's Eve!  Here's the lowdown, from their Facebook page.

The rhinos’ animal care specialists report the calf is walking, nursing, and even playing spar, and that Zuri is a patient and attentive first-time mother. The barn is being kept quiet with limited human interaction to allow them plenty of time to bond, which is a very important process. Once mother and calf have had that bonding time, a neonatal exam will be performed in the coming weeks to confirm gender and overall health. We will report the gender then, and there will be an opportunity for the public to participate in naming the calf.

Oh my god, you guys.  Not only has an endangered species managed to get another step away from danger, we get to name it?!!

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You know I gotta take this seriously.  We can't have any Boaty McBoatface things happening with our rhino.  So here are a few of my ideas for a name.  Keep in mind ew don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl, so I'll put in ideas for both.

Raymond The Rhino.

Rosalie The Rhino.

Ranger The Rhino.

Reese The Rhino.

I also like Ripple, Robot,  Ruben, Ruckus.... I could go on.   Either way, I know I can't wait for the day we can go and see him/her in the zoo, happy and healthy and playing with Mom!

What do you think - what should they name the new baby?

Namingly yours,


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