You hear all over the place that you shouldn't be going to places that have groups of more than ten people all the time. That severely limits the fun stuff you can do with your friends, right? I mean, you can't get a little group together and go out to eat or to have a couple of drinks.  Well, my friends from college decided we needed to get together and we were going to do it online. Turned out it was pretty easy!


Basically in college we had one of those group houses where like, five people live together in one house and everyone and their dog comes over because it's just a block or two from campus.  We had a group of maybe three boys and three girls and the additional girl/boyfriends that were there a lot.  We weren't really like "the party house" we were more like the "where can I hang out after class" kind of house. We stayed friends after college and have met up a couple of times, but not in a while.

And really, we should have done this sooner.  There are a few of them up in Kansas City, but some are in Texas, California, Illinois, Washington state, all over the country.  So unless we were going to hold a massive meet up and fly people from all around the country, it wouldn't happen regardless.  The effective method clearly is to stay home - and it's a hell of a lot cheaper. And for someone lazy like me, it meant I got to stay on the couch and cuddle my cat while catching up.

We ended up having some people come and go (several of them have kids, so you can't just leave them with one parent only the whole evening) but all told we probably got about ten of us together for around two and a half hours.  Sure, some of it was talking about the old days, but there was other discussion as well.  Very serious discussion, of course.  Cats, heartburn, laundry, wine, crafting, all sorts of serious, very important stuff.

Have you tried Zoom or Google Hangouts or anything like that? I bet it'd be great if you have a meeting or something so you can use it instead of leaving the house. It'd probably make visiting family as a group a lot easier, too. It only took a couple of clicks.  Heck, if I can do it, you can.  Maybe you could try it!

Zoomingly yours,

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