Every year, they come.  

And every year, I sweep.  And sweep.  And sweep.  I know they're coming from trees in the neighborhood, but I'm not quite sure where they come from.  I see the little dogwood flyer seeds everywhere, too. They're in the yard, on the sidewalk, on the porch, on the windows, everywhere.

But it's hard to Google "those brown thingies in my yard", so I'm not sure what they are. I mean, I know they're a seed of some kind.  I know that, that's nature.  But sometimes I like to imagine that they're something else, like little messages from the trees. "Hey, plant me, I want to give you more of meeeeee."

"Let me live on your porch, I got nowhere else to go!"

"I'm in your bushes, I'm in your grass, let me in your heart...."

No.  No thank you, strange seeds things. I will sweep you into my grass every time.  And you'll try to grow as you like.  BUT YOU WILL BE DEFEATED.

Do you get these things? Do you get the dogwood flyer seeds? Acorns? What kind of stuff gets on your sidewalks?

Seedingly yours,

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