Like everybody who drives, I had to get my tags renewed. 

And this time, I was surprised to see that we have some new plates commemorating the bicentennial. They look pretty nice!  But now, I have my old license plates, and I don't know what to do with them.  I mean, I could throw them out, but that seems like it might be environmentally bad.  Can you recycle them? I don't know.

My dad used to collect them, and hang them in the garage.  He's got some old ones in there, some even that I remember, back when the plates were that brick red color.  I remember it was so neat as a kid to see new colors and everyone wasn't in that same red.  Now it's a little patriotic, I suppose.

I think some people do crafts with them? I looked on Ebay and Etsy, and saw people make things out of them all the time. Amazon even sells old license plates.  Maybe I should sell mine?  Or maybe I could make something out of it... I don't know what, though. I mean, it'd just be another thing taking up space in  my house.

I think maybe my best option will be recycling.  But I don't know if you can just toss them in the blue bin and hope for the best or not.  Maybe I should take them to a recycling center?  Maybe I should just give them to my Dad. I don't know if he'd want them, though.

Anyway, what do you do with yours?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Licensingly yours,


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