I've had a few personalized Missouri plates in my lifetime and I've seen some great ones, too. However, I think the most excellent (and factual) license plate ever had just been spotted in Missouri. I think you'll probably agree.

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This is one of the reasons why I enjoy browsing the Missouri sub-Reddit. Just a few days ago, this personalized plate was spotted in Kansas City, Missouri.

Fact - Kansas is flat.

I've driven across Kansas so many times in my life I feel like I have ever cow and sunflower named. That's really quite pathetic if you think about it. There's no feeling of hopelessness quite like being 3 hours into a trek across Kansas and realizing you have another 4 to go and you can see what appears like endless horizon in the distance.

Having a license plate that says Kansas is Flat is like having a tattoo saying water is wet and the sky is blue. It's just one of life's facts that will never cease to be true. Kudos to whoever this vehicle belongs to for extravagant personalized license plate creativity.

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