There's been another round of changes when it comes to restaurants in Sedalia. First, the Hardee's closed their location on South Limit Avenue. Followed by the destruction of the building that housed Dickie Do Bar-B-Que for new storage units. Then the announced closing of Bar B Que Pit Stop. That said Mike Pettis and I noticed something going on over at the Hardee's Building, so I thought I'd ask you what you think is going into the old Hardee's building on South Limit. Your answers, as expected, were fun, snarky, and enjoyable to read.

Most of the snark centered around businesses that we already have a lot of. Think gas stations, car washes, dollar stores, and smoke shops. Then of course there were those tongue-in-cheek answers which of course include Target and Olive Garden. A dash of nostalgia from the past, and a couple of typical cranky pants answers.

I did ask for you to drop me a note via the app if you actually know what's going into the building. As of this writing, no one's talking. I'd expect if they wanted people to know, there'd already be a coming soon sign or banner out front. That's OK though, I suspect we'll find out soon enough.

The obvious use of the building would be another fast-food joint or fast-casual restaurant. That said, there are plenty of old fast-food joints that have been turned into something else. Like the Waffle House that's now a piano store. Or a White Castle restaurant that turned into Castle Jewelry. Or my personal favorite, a former Pizza Hut that turned into an adult toy store, if you know what I mean. You can see some more of these repurposed former fast joints on

Keep scrolling to check out what you told me might be coming to the old Hardee's location on South Limit Avenue.

What You Told Us Is Going In The Old Sedalia Hardee's Building

Mike Pettis and I recently noticed some work going on in the old Hardee's building on South Limit in Sedalia. I couldn't resist asking you on Facebook what you thought was going into the building. Here's what you told me.

Gallery Credit: Rob Creighton

There Are Too Many Of These Things Here In Sedalia

I recently asked you to fill in the blank... I don't understand why Sedalia has so many______. And you pointed out some of the things we have a lot of. Most of these are businesses and restaurants. So take a look at what you told us and let me know, do we have too many of these places? Or is variety the spice of life?

Gallery Credit: Rob Creighton

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