I remember quite clearly getting my first cell phone.  It was one of those "pay for the minute" ones that you'd have to get cards for. I was in college in Warrensburg.  In fact, I still have that same Warrensburg phone number.  I've never had to change my number, thankfully.

Anyway, as the years went on and we got different phones, technology progressed rapidly.  And everyone had their own little things that made their phone different. Some people got different cases or put stickers on their phones.  Another thing that I thought was so cool was that you could choose different ringtones.  I went whole hog into this, and I had a different ringtone for my main contacts, so I would immediately know who was calling before I even snapped open my flip phone.

I had "The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living" by The Streets as my ringtone for the station number. I had "Hard Out Here For A Pimp" for my Dad's number (You remember Hustle and Flow? That was the first movie I remember seeing Terrence Howard in, seems like forever ago. And I didn't even remember Taraji in that movie!). For my sister, I chose a more obvious ringtone, 'Sister Christian".  I don't go that detailed now, though.

But now, it's like everyone goes with the generic Iphone ringtone or just an old fashioned landline ringtone.  BORING. I still have a custom ringtone.  I even have custom little noises for when I get text messages and emails. I like it, still!  It tells me immediately if I need to know something.  And why not have a little individuality when it comes to something you carry with you all day long?

Do you have a custom ringtone? What is it? If you don't, why not?

Ringingly yours,

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