I will often end up not really eating anything on my lunch break - I drive around and try to clear my head, thinking of what I'm going to write about.

That's definitely what happened when I had the idea for the old Aldi building post.  I was just speculating, because that's, you know, all I can do.  I didn't actually know anything because as it's been well established, I have Patrick Star syndrome and live under a rock. You'd think that I would know more about what's going on around town, but it's not like people call or email us to tell us stuff like that.  I hear from politicians All The Time, but that's a different story.

So anyway, some of you knew because you go to that church or you know the people who do, or however you knew.  But you knew that Lifepointe Church is moving into the old Aldi building.


So there you have it. I'm not sure why they chose that particular place to buy, but it does make sense to buy instead of rent.  And it's a good location for a church, since it's behind that strip mall, it can't really be a business anymore, can it?  I mean, you have to be looking to go there to remember it's there.  And a church goer would definitely be doing that, after all.  Maybe it'll be good for everybody in that area.

Another mystery solved, just this time... not by me.

Mysteriously yours,


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