This is really an inexplicable trend . . . but the numbers are high enough that it feels like it CAN'T be a coincidence.

According to a new survey, one out of every four people who NAME their car give it a name that starts with the letter "B."   The five most common names for cars all start with "B":  Baby, Betsy, Bessie, Black Beauty, and Betty.  The people behind the survey didn't speculate on why "B" names are so popular for cars, and we really don't know either.  The survey also found about one in five people name their car . . . and women are much more likely than men to name their car.  Also, half of people think their car has a GENDER . . . people are twice as likely to think of their car as female than male.

As for me, I have named my cars before, but usually not with a person's name.  It's usually a nickname or something.  I had an old car that my dear father gave me: a Volkswagen GTI Rabbit.  It was pretty beat up, like a car you give a kid should be.  In fact, there were so many quirks to it I still remember all that stuff! It was a manual, and the car would die if you put your foot on the clutch and the brake.    I remember you couldn't open the passenger side door from the outside, you couldn't put gas in it without tons of those clicks, the ceiling liner was coming down, the seats were poking metal out of them, and all sorts of little things.  It was also very noisy, so noisy that my friends could hear me coming a block away.  Because of the noise and the fact that the car was small, it was called The Lawnmower.

It was a piece of crap, but I loved it. I drove it so long that the mile odometer broke at 100,000 miles and I drove it for at least another three years after that.  So anyway, I wanted to ask you guys about naming your vehicle.  Do you have a name, or nickname, for what you drive?  What is it, and how did you get to that name?  Tell me all about it!

Fahrvergnügenly yours,


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