Something has been happening recently, an uncontrollable urge I can't repress.We'll be sitting on the couch, either watching Counting Cars or Leah Remini: Scientology on the DVR, and he'll be minding his business and I'll be minding mine, when... it happens.

The pillow flies. I have thrown the owl pillow at Husbando Again.

Most of the time he just throws it back at me, although recently he did start handing it back to me on the condition that I give him forty dollars.

I don't know why I keep doing this, but every now and then I'll just... have to. He's not bothering me. It's not punishment. It doesn't hurt. It's soft, and it's not like I throw it hard, it's just a... toss, I guess. But Why?  Maybe it's like an acknowledgement - "Hey, I'm here, I know you're there, have a pillow to the face."


Do you and your Significant Other do any little things like this? Let's talk about it!

Throwingly yours,

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