When I was a kid, I don't remember going to the grocery store too much. I guess my Mom didn't want to fuss with us asking for stuff all the time.  But, sometimes we'd go to Aldi, and I had to behave there by default.  They didn't have any magazines or stickers or toys, so I kind of had to fall into line because there was nothing to pester her for.

I have fuzzy memories of when the store got a new location on the West side of town. I go all the time now, especially after the remodel.  Over time, I kind of forgot about the old location.  Then, just yesterday, I was driving down Thompson Boulevard and I got a glimpse of it.  There it was, same place it always was, now behind the two strip malls.

I started to wonder, what happened? Why is this building sitting here, abandoned? There's so much stuff all along Broadway, you'd think this would be an expensive piece of property. I mean, sure, it's got stuff in front of it, but if something went in there that people really WANTED, they'd get there. Maybe repave the road between the two strip malls?

As it sits now, it's been the target of what looks like bored teenagers.  Lots of writing in dust and grime on the windows.  Broken door.  Soda bottles in the parking lot.  It just seems like a waste.  I don't know the state of the building itself, maybe that's why.  But if it's dangerous, why not just demolish it and build something new in its place (easy for me to say, right)?

Does anybody know why nothing ever went in the old Aldi building, or why it's never been sold? What would you want to go there? What kind of thing would it have to be to bring the people back there?

Abandonly yours,

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