I do not understand the male human. It's something that I just can't fathom, maybe you guys can help. The other day I told you guys about how he's feeling under the weather. I get it, it's going around. He texted me at work to ask me to pick up some medication to help with his mucus problems. I dutifully did (because I'm an accommodating wife) and brought them home to him.

However. I walk into the bathroom to put the medicine away, and see that there is already cold medicine on the shelf. Right there. Plain as day.  I asked him, "Before you texted me, did you check to see if there was any medicine in the bathroom?"

"I didn't see any."

This is a recurring issue. How many times has he asked me, "Where is the blah blah?" and I'll say "It's in the cabinet by the fridge!"

"I don't see it!"

So, I will get up, walk to the kitchen, and literally point at it for him. Why can't he see things that are in front of his face? I don't understand this.  And if you ask him to actively LOOK for something, forget it. If the pepper is behind the salt shaker, he will never, ever find it. Ever. It might as well not exist. He will go and BUY more pepper before he finds the dang shaker.

Is this a man thing? Is this a husband thing? Is this a specific problem that he has? I'm tired of him opening seven jars of salsa because he "didn't see" the other, already open one sitting right there.

Observantly yours,

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