Last week marked the eleventh anniversary of Apple's App Store.  Which means in a little over a decade, apps have TAKEN OVER OUR LIVES.

eBay just ran a study where they had people go four days without using any apps on their phones.  And, like you'd expect . . . it was PURE TORTURE.

One out of three people in the study ended up CHEATING because they couldn't go without their apps.  They were most likely to use social networking, photo sharing, navigation, and weather apps.

After the four days, when they got their apps back, 55% of people said it made them instantly HAPPIER, and 39% said it made them CALMER.

And the study found that when people DIDN'T have their apps, it freed up about 30 extra minutes a day.

That adds up to 182 hours a year . . . which means we spend almost EIGHT FULL DAYS a year messing around with our apps.

So I guess that FaceApp thing ya'll are using to look old is really making you old? Maybe. I know I'm spending waaay too much time on the only game I've got in my phone right now.

What's your favorite app on your phone?  How many do you have?  What do you use them for?

Appingly yours,

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