This is about 0% surprising. According to a new survey, we've got LESS PATIENCE today than ever before. And three-quarters of people think it's because modern technology has ruined our ability to wait for ANYTHING.

I mean, I've always been an impatient person.  Heck, I even half taught myself to read as a kid because  my Mom didn't have time to drop everything and read me a book anytime I wanted.

Turns out though, a lot of us are very alike in this regard, just about very specific things.

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Here's how long it takes before we start losing our patience in different scenarios.

1. Waiting for a website to load . . . 16 seconds until we start to lose it.

Oh man, I get so impatient about this, but then, it's my job, you know? I need information!

2. Waiting for a movie or TV to start streaming . . . 22 seconds.

When I get that little circle of terribleness... bring on the frustrated sighs.

3. Waiting for a traffic light to change . . . 25 seconds.

I was behind a guy the other day who literally stopped at every green light like it was a stop sign. What the heck, am I right?

4. Waiting for a line to start moving . . . 30 seconds.

5. Waiting to get a drink at a bar . . . seven minutes.

I can't remember the last time I waited for a drink just sitting at a bar.  I have gotten a drink with food or something, but not at the bar in recent memory.   I asked you guys what you thought of all this, and here are some of your answers.

Treasa B

While neither of them are good, I certainly hope you're not referring to the slimy blood sucking creatures. I mean, nobody wants someone in their lives who is taking advantage of them, but.... I Dunno. I saw that scene in "Lean On Me" and it's been a weird phobia since.

Brenda W
Lack of common sense.

I admit, sometimes I feel like I don't have a lick of sense either, but... yeah, it can get pretty out of hand.

Keith B

And I agree! I've had enough of all these nouns!

Jamie D
Those who meddle in other people’s business.

I can't say I do much of that anymore. Maybe I did when I was in my twenties and trying to help, but a lot of the time it's not worth it.

Jeff B
Stupid questions.

Questions, questions, questions, I need answers, answers, answers!

Anyway, you can always comment on our Facebook page and tell me what you think.

Questioningly yours,

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