I'm an armchair detective. I think we pretty much know this. It's not a major hobby of mine or anything, but I do like to try to solve the mysteries as they go. 

I found a YouTube channel called That Chapter that takes on various unsolved crimes and explores the different theories.  There was one case where our host found a very mysterious Missouri case that remains unsolved to this day.

Apparently this happened back in 1999 in the greater St. Louis area.  The guy's name is Ricky McCormick, and he was found murdered in a known criminal dumping ground.  He had been in and out of jail for a bit, and was known as a drug dealer.  His body was found a good twenty or so miles away from his home, and he didn't have a car, so they don't know how he even got there.  The theory is he was killed somewhere else, and then his body was dumped.

While this is tragic, part of the reason why it's still unsolved all these years later are because of some notes that were found on Ricky's person.  They're all in a code that not even the FBI can seem to unlock.  Ricky's parents said he didn't really even know how to write, and they doubted that he could come up with a code so complicated.  It's a very interesting mystery, and you can watch That Chapter unpack it. Although I would suggest speeding up the playback a little.

What do you think of the case of Ricky McCormick? Do you think he wrote the notes? Do you think he knew he was going to be murdered?  Do you think the code will ever be cracked, or is it to be forever a mystery?

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