In one of our latest interactions on social media, I asked you guys a very specific question.

I was thinking about the things we have here in Sedalia, because a friend of mine is thinking about coming for a visit. So I asked you guys where you would take someone you're trying to impress here in Sedalia. We got a variety of answers, of course!

Now most of you were pretty food oriented. That's normal, after all, the joke about Sedalia is that there's a church and a restaurant around every corner. It's pretty much true, and we're definitely foodies here. But some of you were interested in other experiences, like shopping or sightseeing, maybe getting in a little culture as well.

And of course, we definitely had some answers that would fit in the category of.... well, I guess you could call it Sedalia Snark? I know none of them were really meant to be mean or hateful, just trying to be funny. Sure, you might want to take someone out of town if they came to visit. And there's some great people watching out at the People's Republic of Walton, I will give you that.

So anyway, I decided to share your answers in photo format. Here we go!

18 Spots In Sedalia To Wow Guests, and A Few That May Not

Our listeners told us where they'd take a guest to impress them in Sedalia.

What do you think of the list? Do you think some places were forgotten or wrongfully overlooked? Do you think any of the spots are overrated? I hope you'll forgive my not so great photography, by the way. Randy and Google are the pros, really.

Impressingly yours,

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