It's one thing to have a bunch of Facebook friends who you barely know.  It's a whole DIFFERENT thing to have a bunch of Facebook friends you actively HATE. I have accepted pretty much any friend request unless I thought it was a bot or a spam thing though.  I have a different reason than you might, though - a friend request could come from one of you dear readers/listeners, and even if I don't know you know you, I do want to be connected to the audience, ya dig? But some of you out there are letting people you actively dislike friend you!


According to a new survey, 34% of people say they're Facebook friends with people they don't like, and wouldn't talk to if they bumped into them in real life.  So WHY are they Facebook friends?  Here are the top five reasons . . .


1.  To monitor their photos or status updates, see what they're up to, and see if they're succeeding or failing.


2.  They're a family member you HAVE to be friends with.


3.  They're a good business connection to stay in contact with.


4.  You don't want to deal with the consequences of defriending them.


5.  Being friends with them allows you to see what other people you're NOT Facebook friends with are doing . . . like your kid or your boss.


The survey also found 22% of people have had an argument with someone because they assumed a vague Facebook status update was about them. Eugh. I hate vaguebooking so much.  I should probably back off of the social media, huh.

Socially yours,

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