I remember a few times if I really wanted to impress my Mom, I'd watch Jeopardy.Here's the thing though: I would totally cheat. Sometimes I would walk home from middle school and hang out with my friend Jillean. Her parents would always watch the earlier Jeopardy. Then, when I got home, I'd make sure to have the LATER episode of Jeopardy on when my Mom got home.... and answer all the questions! She thought I was a genius. Really, I was just a sneaky sneak. But, did you know that our fine town of Sedalia is connected on a legit level to Trebek and the gang? It's true! Here are four questions about our town that have been on Jeopardy.

1.  In 1899 a Sedalia, Missouri music store published his "Maple Leaf Rag".

Answer: Who is Scott Joplin? It was on show #6668 - Wednesday, September 18, 2013, in the American Composers category of Double Jeopardy for $400.

2. Sedalia.

Answer: What is Missouri? This one is a little confusing. The category is AT THE FAIR: That has to do with state fairs; they tell you the city, you have to tell me the name of the state. This one was another Double Jeopardy, for $800, on show #3146 - Monday, April 13, 1998.

3. Sedalia, Missouri has a June festival honoring this "King of Ragtime" who once studied music there.

Answer: Who Is Scott Joplin? There's another Double Jeopardy for you - Show #3071 - Monday, December 29, 1997. Janine won $400 from that!

4. Sedalia, Missouri, where Scott Joplin once lived, is known as the cradle of this style of music.

Answer: What is Ragtime? The category was The Midwest, in Double Jeopardy again for $400. It was on show #2915 - Friday, April 11, 1997.

While this is fascinating, I cannot take complete credit for this OCD masterpiece.  Someone apparently online has documented every single question on Jeopardy here.  Can you imagine the time and dedication it took to do that? I know I can't.

Trebekly yours,


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