Husbando and I have tried to grow a thing or two in our backyard. We've had mixed to limited success, with the exception of some herbs and blackberries.So yeah, sometimes you just want an opportunity to pick some fresh fruits and veggies, but what do you do if you didn't grow any? Why not visit some of these local establishments and pick your own goodies!

1. C&G Vineyards.

At this farm, you can pick your own blackberries and your own strawberries.  They're at 16282 North Lincoln Road in Lincoln. You can call ahead at (660) 547-3783 or email them at

2. Uncle Will's Blackberry Farm.

Here you can get some different varieties of blackberries. They're located at 953 S.E. Hwy 23 Windsor. You can call at (660) 647-3390.

3. Diamond Farms.

This farm lets you get corn, peppers, pumpkins, gourds and more (including real estate!) They're at (660) 463-7437 by phone, or on Yy Highway Concordia. You can also visit their Facebook page.

4. Buckeye Acres.

The selection here consists of raspberries and strawberries, and they also have a pumpkin patch. Check out all their events at their website. You can call at (660) 747-8929 or visit 91 NW 600th Road, Warrensburg.

5. Schreiman Orchards.

These folks out at Waverly have some great apples and peaches. You can get some details at their facebook page. You can call them at (660) 493-2477, and they're on Highway 24 in Waverly.

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