Sedalia is growing. Sedalia is full of a lot of cranky people. And if you're looking to get  punched in the face, I can help! 

1.  The Sedalia Body Shop.

They offer a gym and organize a lot of Mixed Martial Arts fights.  If you're thinking you wanna get punched, or see someone get punched, that's probably the first place to go.  If you want to do it in a STEEL CAGE*, this might be the only place to go.

2.  ATA Black Belt Academy.

If you're thinking you want to learn some self defense and also get punched in the face, go for it! You might also get kicked a few times! I bet there are several eight year olds who could easily hand me my own butt.

3. The Sedalia Senior Center.

Bingo gets real. You mess with someone's bingo, them's fightin' words. Bingo is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - if you need more information, you can call Brenda at 826-0713.  I don't think she'll be able to help  you if things get intense, though.

4.  Total Fitness Gym.

They offer several classes with words like "TKO" and "Knockout" in them, and make sure to mention they have punching bags in their studio.  That sounds like a chance to get punched to me! Sure, you're probably going to have a lot of protection on, but still.

5. The Corner of Third and Lamine.

People get rowdy on the weekends if they head out to go bar hoppin'. If you're looking to get punched in face, hang out and wait for someone to get kicked out of an establishment for being rowdy.  No bar or restaurant wants that, so out they go.  Of course, you  might remember that the Sheriff's office is right there, but...hey. Maybe you'll need a place to stay after your night out!

Happy Punchin'!

Punchily yours,





*Please imagine I said that in my best Ric Flair impersonation.

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