I admit, I'm not hep. I know this might be a shock to some of you. But yeah, I don't keep up with the modern slang. I don't know if someone is on the fleeks. I don't know if something is ratch or not. I don't even know if that's the correct SPELLING of that word. You'd think I'd be up to date, with two thirteen year old girls in the house, but no. I'm dreadfully behind the times.

So I thought - hey, I'll combat this. I won't try to learn what's cool now, because as soon as I say it, it will be instantly UNCOOL. Instead, I will bring back some slang and that'll make me look cutting edge and whatnot. So here goes, folks, let's bring these back!

1.  "Go chase yourself!" 

It means to beat it or get out.

2.  "You gotta know your onions!"

Meaning you have to know your own business.

3.  "Now you're cooking with gas!" 

This one means "now you've got it".

4.  "You've got to hit it on all the sixes!" 

This one means getting everything correct.

5.  "Don't take any wooden nickels!" 

I think you might know this one. It means to be careful about tricks, or don't do anything stupid.

See, now we can be the cool kids on the block!

Slangily yours,

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