I think everybody likes a good laugh every now and then.I know what you're thinking, "WOAH, BEHK, back off from that CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT!!"  I know, I know.  But the thing is, Sedalians have a particularly sharp sense of humor, and we show it in all sorts of different ways.

You might see something funny on someone's shirt at the store. You might see someone's amusing bumper sticker in a parking lot. And sometimes.. you see that sense of humor in signs at local businesses.  There have been Several funny ones over the years, and I just saw another one that deserves to be added to the list. Take a look at it and some of the others, and see what you think!


Sedalia's Signs

Over the years there have been plenty of different expressions of humor in our signs around town.  Sure, there may be some repeat offenders (if you can even call it that, ha), but everybody manages to get a few laughs in every now and then.  And I for one welcome it!

I hope that our latest edition doesn't get shut down too quickly by the big wigs at corporate.  I know sometimes that kind of overprotectiveness can spoil the fun.  Even though they probably mean well for the store itself.  I mean, I get it.  Either way, the memory is there, and the internet has seen it, and we can all enjoy it.

What were some of your favorite funny signs around Sedalia through the years? Do you still have a picture? Or do you just remember what it said?  Weigh in in the comments!

Signingly yours,


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