As I'm sure every single one of your celebrated earlier this week, it was National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day on the 22nd.

I'm sure, absolutely sure, none of you were watching play off games or hanging out with your family or going to church or cleaning the house or any of that. You spent all day Sunday answering your cat's pressing, urgent questions. For me, Figgy and Kitten only had a few questions.

1. Can I get some more wet food?

Well, no. I gave you your portion. You don't need a second.

2. Would you please pet me constantly?

Again, reasonable request, but no. The laundry isn't going to do itself. And I know you're not volunteering.

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So of course, the two of them being spoiled Torties, went to flounce off and do their own thing as I toiled away on housework. And then, well, I found this.

As "checks on the cats" go, this one was relatively normal.  Figgy was hanging out in her cat bed, as one is to do.  Sometimes I'll find her on my bed or on the blanket I put on the couch, or flounced on the floor.  But a lot of the times lately she likes the warm of her bed.


And then there was the Kitten question.   She could be in the bathroom (warmest room in the house), in her cat tree, in the back bedroom, on my bed....where was she?


IN THE GOL DANGED DISH DRAIN.  Whut in the samscratch, cat?! Admittedly, it was clean, but.... why?  She has never hung out in there before.  And you'd think a cat would... you know, NOT want to be near water?  I have a spray bottle I use on her when she's doing something she's not supposed to do.  It's a good deterrent, because she doesn't like to get wet. Isn't the dish drainer by nature a wettish area?

I don't even know with this animal anymore. I don't get her.  I have questions myself, you know.  But do I get answers? No.

What's the weirdest or funniest thing you've caught your pet doing?  Did you get pictures?  'Cos I might need some of those pictures.

Questioningly yours,


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