It's been a few years since I've had a garage sale or a yard sale.  I guess they're one and the same, just... different locations. 

I haven't had one in years, and it's a lot of work!  You've got to get the permit, get the ad out there, decide what goes and what stays, how you're going to display it, and you've got to price stuff.  I think I still have some price stickers from my last yard sale.  I managed to make about five hundred bucks, and got three dates with a dude out of it, so it was marginally successful.  We're probably due for another one soon, and since it's that time of year, here are five things you shouldn't do while you're out 'salin.

1.  No Checks.

The only way I could justify this is if you bought a LOT of stuff, or if you bought a big ticket item.  And even then, probably just no.  I mean, you can't trust anybody these days.  What if they're writing bad checks on you?  Now you're out the stuff and the money.

2.  Don't Block the Driveway.

I don't know how many times I've seen this.  Sure, maybe that's the only place to park... who cares?  Go down the block.  Isn't part of the point of going garage saling getting out and walking around?

3.  Negotiate, but be Reasonable.

If someone has an item on sale for a dollar, sure, you could ask for them to give it to you for seventy five cents.  But don't low ball them down to, like, a quarter.  That's not cool.

4.   Big Bills.

Come on,  you just bought four dollars worth of books, do you really think they want to break a hundred on that?  You knew what you were signing up for.  Twenties TOPS.  But really, you should be walking around with a wallet full of singles and fives.  And whatever you do, don't keep your money in your stinky sock or in your brassiere.

5.  Watch the Kids.

If you're bringing your kids out with you (as my mom did through the years), keep em in check and keep em in line.  Don't let them touch a bunch of stuff and break it before they can sell it, or play with the toys you know you're not gonna buy.  You don't want to have a meltdown in someone else's yard.

What are some of your garage sale no-no's? Any tips for the more seasoned seller that you'd pass on?

Salingly yours,


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